Finding the One

Here’s a topic a lot of singles struggle with and there is a myth that needs to be addressed: The “one” doesn’t exist. It doesn’t say anything about it in the Bible, [...]

Argue Less, Love More

One of the questions asked for advice was, “I like to talk about the problem, he likes to have some alone time instead of talking about it when angry. How do we fix that”? Like a lot [...]

Why the Unicorn

I chose a unicorn as my logo for a few reasons; some might sound crazy, I get it, but I’ll share them anyway. Fairy Tales/Bible: As I shared in the “My Story” part of the menu, [...]

My Weightloss Secrets

I was going to make this post once I have reached my goals, but too many people have been asking me to share how I lost my weight now so I’m spilling the beans 🙂 3 years ago, I was going to [...]

Exercise & Diet Diary

Soooo based on requests, I decided to make a post on my daily routine from morning till night 🙂 this routine has made me less sluggish, more alert, get rid of stomach pains, bloating, have [...]

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