Hey lovelies!

I started this page to feature brands monthly that I am inspired by.

I love seeing people who love the fashion industry so much that they’re not just trying to bank off of consumerism.

These companies actually want the world to be blessed by their talents in fashion.

Whether it’s run by a single mother (even just a mother is amazing enough) spreading a positive message, sustainable/ethical/fair trade clothing,  giving donations, etc. These brands are worth checking out!



Bead & Reel

Bead & Reel If you know me, anything that has to do with the topic of human trafficking brings me to tears. When I came across Bead & Reel,  an ethical fair-trade boutique, I knew I had [...]

Wildflower Shop

My sweet friend Liana, talented photographer/designer/ marketing manager, started her own new shop called “Wildflower”! Her purpose with this shop is to create clothing with heaven [...]

Elements Clothing

Elements Clothing is a shop successfully run by a 16 year old girl named Hannah who started the shop a year ago when she was only 15 years old! She has already adapted to the online world by [...]

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