These testimonies are ones from my day to day life. I always look for a reason to give God the credit because why should I ever look for a reason to withold it?

I know that He is always good and He loves to answer our prayers because He truly is obsessed and in love with us.

I hope these testimonies encourage you to believe He cares about you more than you know. I hope they challenge you to be expectant of His goodness.

Jesus on a Plane

I always heard stories about people having Jesus encounters on a plane. Where someone needed prayer, healing, or getting saved. Must be something about being so close to heaven I guess. I never [...]

Be His Expression

God Calling: “As a servant of all think no work beneath you. Be ever ready to do all you can for others. Serve. Serve. Serve. There is a gladness in service, a Joy in doing My Will for [...]

Here I am

Even with my stuttering tongue, tripping over my own words, my blotchy chest when I get nervous or passionate, my shaking hands and quivering voice I still said “here I am, send me”. [...]

Mac n Cheese

Last night I was getting words of knowledge from the Holy Spirit about certain people in my life, how unique and special each on of them are. Then I had a dream that I was with Jesus while He was [...]


Crew necks and Pom Pom beanies this winter β„οΈπŸ’ž also a little testimony today 😁 Yesterday we went sledding with my family but halfway into it my feet froze because I didn’t have winter boots. So I [...]

Sailboat-Fathers Day

It was pretty simple, the way I saw it. I knew that I can make mistakes and wrong choices, easily. So instead I would bring them all before Him. I made Him part of my every day decision making. [...]

“Lady, Shutup”

This testimony is from one of Kris Vallottons teachings (he’s my favorite to listen to because of how straight up he is πŸ˜‚) : β€œA while ago a pastor asked me to pray for his leadership team so I [...]


🌟Came out on the black cliffs to hangout with God this morning. I read the devotional, stared out into the ocean for a few minutes then was about to get on my phone to take a few notes when I [...]

The Stars

I picked out this tee because a lot of my relationship with Jesus came from sitting under the stars for hours. So that pretty much means I work for NASA πŸ™‚ When I was little my grandma would show [...]

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