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I collaborated with Fossil for their new Smartwatch collection and it is AMAZING. I can’t stop bragging about how awesome it is!

Dennis’ brothers flocked around him and even borrowed the watch to try it out!

It has so many cool features, you start to wonder how it’s even possible to have something this cool on your wrist?

You get alerts and notifications on your phone with a gentle vibration.

This was the best part for me (I have one too) because I don’t need to worry about important missed calls while my phone is charging and I’m in the kitchen or in another room. It also gives you a chance to get away from your phone without the “fear of missing out”. Without the need to answer to every phone notification, thinking you might miss something important or an emergency.

You can just read the text from your phone to decide if it’s an emergency or can be tended to later.

It counts your steps and lets you set daily goals.

Has an alarm clock.

Tons of unique watch faces, from modern to classic and modern, all digital options. And the cool part? You can a background image straight from your phone.

It’s also waterproof!

And with this new technology, it has untethered GPS so you can go for your runs while leaving your phone behind.

AND if you ever lose your phone, you just press the side center button and it will signal your phone to ring (yes even while it’s on silent or vibrate)

shop all the styles here: FOSSIL

Always popping my knucklesĀ 

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