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Everyone always asks me what Dennis does, he’s like Chandler from F.R.I.E.N.D.S where nobody really knows.

So I wanted to share this testimony about how Jesus is in everything. How when you follow your calling it will be hard, but it will be a blessing and you will see Jesus in it. Even if it’s something as taboo as stocks.

When Dennis was in elementary school he would walk to the Washougal minit mart with a paper and pencil. He strolled through the store and wrote down the average cost of the general products such as chips, soda, milk, bread, fruits, etc.

While his friends were riding bikes around the lot, Dennis would sit outside and count how many customers stopped by the store within the hour and would calculate the amount of products they walked out with.

For example, if 100 people came and went in an hour, he would calculate the size of their bags, how many items they had and the average price of those items and would figure out how much the minit mart profited throughout the day.

Into high school and middle school he spent most of his time writing up business ideas and became sucessful at a few small ones.

Another Name-

Naturally, he assumed his love for business meant that he should own one.

Out of high school, when we started dating, he started a digital marketing company.

It was extremley stressful. I was his photographer and graphic designer. And a few of his brothers and my brother were his web developers.

But throughout this time he would tell me that the name “Matthew” keeps standing out to him and he feels like it has a deeper meaning about himself.

One time he called up one of our favorite coffee shops to place a to go order. When the owner picked up the phone he said, “Matthew? Which Ivanov are you”?

Dennis responded saying it was Dennis and they don’t have a Matthew. When he showed up he asked the owner what that was about and he said, “well the phone rang and the caller ID said ‘Matthew Ivanov’ but our caller ID doesn’t even work and it hasn’t been working after that call either.’

Several times things like this would happen where we would see “Matthew” somewhere and felt something powerful.

Looking back now I see that Jesus was sending him hints for a better life, He saw his struggle, his pain.

But there was another name too.

One time right after hanging out with my cousins at a resturaunt I was telling him how I had an open vision of seeing their “heavenly armor” and I saw us sitting in heaven telling stories of earth.

While I was talking to him I saw his heavenly armor too. He was wearing a gold plated one and above his head was written “Daniel” and behind him was a roaring lion then it vanished just as quickly as I saw it.

For almost a year we had no idea what any of this meant. I would ask and pray and listen and still got no answers.

The Meaning of the Names-

When finally during worship at church, my thoughts went to his names again and it suddenly hit me; Daniel was an advisor to a king and Matthew was a tax collector which meant he knew accounting.

Then immidiatley right after that, I saw a vision of Dennis sitting criss cross apple sauce in what looked like “the treasury of heaven”. He had a paper and pencil and surrounding him were piles of different forms of currency.

He was looking at the piles and taking notes on the paper which looked like a chart.

At first I just assumed it meant the business world. But if he was a business advisor, then wouldn’t he just take what he needs? Why was he taking notes and making a chart? That part always stumbled me.

Perfect Timing-

About two months later Dennis told me he’s thinking of dropping the marketing business because everything in him was pulling him towards stocks. The only reason he didn’t want to go into it was because he didn’t want to look like a failure for dropping the business.

I told him I trusted his instincts and I’ll support whatever he decides. We prayed more about it and all that he kept feeling was that this is what he’s meant for.

About a month after studying stocks, I saw his computer screen and it all made sense now… I saw charts on the screen, the same charts I saw Dennis drawing in my vision of him.

God was trying to direct him towards what he was made for. Dennis can look at a companies financial statements, balance sheets, and profit and loss statements ALL DAY and he loves every minute of it. He always tells me how it’s almost like it was meant for him.

Holy Spirit Teaching Stocks-

Not only was God trying to show Dennis what He put him here for, He was right along side him in the process.

Dennis said he would write down his tasks of what he needs to learn next as if a teacher was giving him a curriculum. He even knew that for three months he would have to build a lims system for a client that would give him a chance to learn the programming languages that he needs to build his stock algorithms.

The entire time Dennis is studying on building these graphs and charts, he would get stuck as we always do when we learn something new.

But in his sleep he would have dreams on the theories to write out and he would get up in the morning to try it out and it would work!

One time he was having a hard time grasping the concept of neuro networks. All he did was read about a paragraph of it just to see what it was about because he would need to learn it in the future.

But that night he had a dream that he was in a video game and every time he failed the game would start over. He would remember what he did in the last round and would make sure he did it right this time and then find the quickest path to the destination.

When he woke up he realized he was just taught how neuro networks work in machine learning. The same way your brain works when you touch something hot and withdraw because you burned yourself, your mind knows not to do that again.

With a computer, when you give it a task, it learns the quickest route after experiencing all the other ones.

Our brains can receive data and create dreams out of the data it already has and tries to put the pieces together. But with this dream, he didn’t have all the data, he didn’t have any pieces to put together. He just woke up with the comprehension of it all.

It’s the equivalent of learning something as complex as quantum physics; there’s a lot to take in and you can’t learn it over night but that’s bsically what happened to Dennis.

He never got this with the marketing business. But now it happens so often that I almost expect him to tell me every morning that he figured something out in his sleep.

He Craves to Help-

The Holy Spirit has litrally been his guide throughout this entire process and it makes me realize how much God wants to help us.

He’s been helping Dennis find the books he needs, literally teaching him in his dreams, giving him a legit curriculum, and giving him peace and confidence this entire time.

Today Dennis is nearing a programming project for a client and he said “today is so perfect” with the most content smile on his face, even though he’s been working all day.

Just typing this out I’m holding back tears because I’ve never heard him say that.

When he was working just as hard for his marketing business, he was stressed out all day, every day, and frustrated.

My point, when you’re looking for your calling, listen to Jesus. He knows what you’re meant for. It will be hard but it will be easy.

Easy because of the peace that surpasses all understanding, easy because your life makes sense now.

You do have a purpose, God didn’t make a mistake when He put you here.

You were born for this specific day and age on purpose.

And He wants to help you figure that out, He wants you to trust Him.

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