How to Stop Comparing and Focusing on Your Purpose

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Comparison has become a real issue ever since the popularity of social media.

People constantly undermine each other, envy, and judge .

My friend, Nina Nevski, shared the most beautiful revelation that inspired me to write a blog post on this topic.

I saw myself in Gods kingdom, in His heart, and there was SO much space.

He said that there is enough space in His heart for all of humankind.

I was twirling and dancing in all that space, and you can see all the billions of people in the distance. But nobody is bumping into each other, every one has this much space to themselves. Space to have the freedom to be creative the way they were designed.

There is no lack, there is no room for competition.

There is no such thing as “so many people are already doing this so there can’t be room for me”.

How encouraging is that?

Renewing of the Mind- Romans 12:2

This morning as I was getting ready to write on this topic, I saw a podcast interview with Dr. Caroline Leaf, a neuroscientist and author.

Perfect timing.

What I learned from her research was the importance of our toxic thoughts and what you need to do to start living with purpose. You can play the audio below, she explains it a lot better than I do. But I just summarized what I’ve learned with some of my own revelations:

The Bible warns us to “bring all thoughts into captivity” (2 Corinthians 10:5) and “do not be conformed to this wolrd, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind”. Judging or envying other people is not setting us apart the way Jesus told us to. You’re not changing the world this way, only adding to the pain.

You are set apart when you inspire people with your lack of envy and lack of fear. When you are focused on your calling without worry of competition and encouraging others in theirs.

The best way to start your journey is by renewing your mind.

How does the mind even work? Our thoughts don’t define us, but they are real things. They look like trees and they contain memory. The more time you give those thoughts the more subconcious they become and harder to get rid of.

That is why it’s so important to acknoweldge the toxic ones and destroy them.

In todays technological world, our thoughts have become reactive. We see what’s on our phones or other peoples gossip and we simply react to it instead of choosing how to respond towards it.

But, our natural design, according to science, is to have proactive thinking. This means stepping back and analyzing the thoughts that come in and deciding what we want to do with them. And we get the best proactive thoughts when we’re showering or going for a drive.

You know why? Because we can’t be on our phones. Your mind starts to finally think for itself.

Self Awareness

The more you step back and observe your thoughts and choices, the more control you will have over your life and where it leads.

This means self awareness, purpose and success because you have trained yourself to block those toxic thoughts.

With your self awareness you will be able to celebrate other people and their success. Because you know that their success doesn’t affect your own.

You have all the space you need.

If God made you unique, that means you have a unique contribution. And that is what science shows as well. -Dr. Caroline Leaf

Once you learn how to think properly, you’ll go from thinking: “You’ll be happy when you’re successful” to “My happiness will lead me to success”.

Because when you’re happy and excited about life and your passions, you stop focusing on the numbers and focus on the value you give.

But how do you find those passions? By spending less time obsessing over other peoples lives and comparing them to your own. And spending more time acting on the proactive thoughts that spark your intrests.

The Possibility Mindset

In the podcast, Dr. Leaf tells us that there are 15 different mindsets that we need to use every moment of every day. Some of those being the mindset of happiness, forgiveness, community, love, etc.

And one of the most important ones is the mindset of possibility. Why is this important? Because it takes what God designed you for and it helps you run with it.

This mindset helps you see every situation with potential. It helps you see that there is no one way to get something done, but an infinite possibility of ways.

It says, “ok, if this doesn’t work, then I will try this”.

The best example of someone with this mindset is Thomas Edison.

When a reporter asked him, “how did it feel to fail 1,000 times”? He responded with, “I didn’t fail 1,000 times. The lighbulb was an invention with 1,000 steps”

He never saw setbacks as a failure, he saw them as gained knowledge.

Don’t give up on your purpose.

Your life is unique and powerful, your mind is unique and powerful, your gifts are unique and powerful.

You have all the space you need to grow.

Here is a link to the full page where you can subsribe to more podcasts by Christopher Cook (where the podcast is from)

As well as where to find Dr. Caroline Leafs Books and more about who she is:

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