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-Used with Free Lightroom Mobile App

-You can only edit phone/camera jpegs unless you are subscribed monthly to Lightroom CC then you can edit RAW photos as well

-After purchase is made, instructions to download and use are emailed to you right away


-To use these presets you need to have a subscription with Lightroom found here: Adobe Lightroom

-You can edit both RAW and JPEG

-After purchase is made, instructions to download and use are emailed to you right away

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Examples of Packages on Feeds

BRIGHT PACKAGE-16 Presets($24)

  CHERRY BLOSSOMS PACKAGE- 7 Presets ($10.50)

WILD WEST PACKAGE-7 Presets ($10.50)

VINTAGE PACKAGE- 18 Presets ($21)

COFFEE PACKAGE- 9 Presets ($10.50)

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HONEY PACKAGE- 10 Presets ($12)



What To Expect

  • No refunds since the presets cannot be physically returned
  • You will get an automatic email with download instructions and “how to edit” instructions”
  • If you did not receive an email right away, you might have mispelled your email, please let me know if so.
  • You need to export, and save each preset manually. They do not download automatically.
  • Not every photo is a one click edit, it all depends on the photo so you will need to play around with the settings. Even I come across a “difficult” photo every now and then that needs some extra editing 🙂


For The longest time I struggled with finding an editing style that fit my vision. I played around with a dozen different apps but ended up not liking anything, until I saw that Sulamita had come out with mobile presets…. they are a complete game changer and make editing a photo fun. My feed went from bland to bright and colorful! I don’t know what I’d do without them!

I have tried other presets in the past and hated them… they look nothing like advertised! I try so hard making those presets work but always go back to yours. I don’t think I’ll ever stop using yours. They were made perfectly!

Seriously girl you’re the best. Not a lot of people would sell that many presets for such a low price! I don’t think I’ve seen any other person also say that they’d send new ones when they create them. You’re the only person I know that puts this much work into perfecting your presets and making your customer experience with them the best. You truly are a blessing. Thank you.

@yanafishchuk (click to view feed)

Literally just bought the presets today and I’ve had plenty of time to play around with them! I loved all 34 presets and even posted a picture same day. All of them are uniquely different and bring life to phone photos . I’ll definitely be posting more on ig because of the presets I purchased . They were so easy to save and use after I got everything set up. Super mobile friendly and convenient. Can’t wait to take new pictures and use one of the presets for my next post!


I don’t even know where to start, I’m so so happy I came across your page on Instagram and saw your presets. They are life changing for me. Editing was always my struggle, and now life is so easy with the presets. While being on vacation it was so awesome to just copy and paste and pictures are ready to be posted. Thank you so much❤


I absolutely love sulamitapresets! They literally can make any picture look SO good! This is exactly what I needed for my photos and so glad I made the purchase 😍plus it’s so easy to use the mobile presets and the instructions she provides are so easy to follow. Thank you for creating these I feel like I hired a professional photographer to edit my photos 💛 it’s honestly the best decision I made.


I  couldn’t get my feed to look nice and consistent with all the different editing going on in all the pictures. But when I purchased Sulamita’s presents it’s been looking amazing and I’m totally in love with all my pictures.


Sula’s presets are the perfect editing style that I was looking for. They add zest and life to my photos (which is exactly what they needed!). The colors pop out, and even the simple pictures look so pretty! Her presets are affordable, beautiful and so easy to apply to my photos. I am addicted to using them 😉 I love how many options she has! Definitely was worth every penny!!


I don’t want to use anything else other than these presets. It’s made edited my photos so much less of a hassle. Thank you for all your hard work Sulamita!! I feel excited to share and create with your presets. The value of your preset pack far exceeds the amount I paid in the beginning.


I have fallen in love with my camera after getting Sulamita’s presets. I was always so intimidated with editing photos that I ended up not taking any! My kids were growing up and I wanted desperately to capture these moments. I bought the presets and I literally squealed with excitement after applying it to my photos for the first time. My photos now look professionally edited and are so aesthetically pleasing. Thank you so much for doing all of the hard work so that I don’t have to!


Honestly, Sulamita’s presets have changed my photos and photography completely!! I was missing a piece to my puzzle, but it was finally complete once i purchased the wonder working, time saving, gorgeous presets!! I know longer spend endless hours of editing one photo to try and make it match the edits of the previous one.. These presets will bring any bland photo to life, and get you thee perfect theme ❤


I fell in love with these presets from day one and it’s made it easier for me to edit my photos. Being on the go often, I am able to create high quality photos with a few clicks and adjustments. Thank you Sulamita! I’ve been getting so many compliments on my pictures and edits. ✨


I’ve been following you for a while and I’ve always loved how you edited your photos. When you made your presets available for purchase , I bought them right away. They are worth every penny & they make editing so easy and fun. My instagram has changed dramatically and I finally have the feed I’ve always wanted. I always get asked what I use to edit my photos and I always say that it’s your presets that make my photos look amazing. I can edit with one click and its so nice to have 100+ presets to choose from. Thank you beautiful!


Hey girl! Just wanted to share with you that I absolutely LOVE your presets!! I can always find one to fit the photo and my style and they still look great together in my feed even if they’re different. I’m so impressed by them! Thank you for all of the hard work you put into creating them!


I wanted to brag about your presents a bit more! Basically I was editing this picture and when the filters went on this picture, I literally told myself, how in the world does someone have such a talent in creating such AMAZING presets! 😭😭
I’m falling more and more in love with them. Honestly, it really shows how much you really really care to help people love their pictures. It shows how much you don’t really care about the money but just want whats best for the customers. You put SO MUCH effort and hard work into always making everything better for us!


Girl- you put so much work into it! I seriously love your presets- this is what you already know since I told you me & peach 2 were love at first sight.
But what you created- there are just no words! So many presets and you are always updating and creating new ones!
If you buy others you get maybe like 10 in one pack and have to pay $75 and if you like another pack too…again $75 -just to find out they don’t suit your style!
You created over 60!!! Just want to say THANK YOU..


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