I made this page because I want to inspire you.

So many people are afraid of marriage because they think it gets boring after the “honeymoon phase”.

This page is made to let you know it gets so much better than that. Here’s a little bit of our story before you start reading our testimonies just so you can see where we’ve come from.

We dated for almost a year and got married in 2015.

Throughout our relationship we’ve seen Gods fingerprints everywhere. Even from before we were born, (our grandpas worked together as Bishops in Russia and Ukraine, we didn’t know this until we started dating even though we’ve known each other before).

Dennis didn’t have a close relationship with God when we started dating. But God kept telling me to trust. While I was driving one day He showed me a vision of Dennis falling in love with Jesus and having his nose in the Bible.

It was hard to believe. He was so focused on his business I never imagined he would make the time and especially because of the way the controlling Russian church made him view God. He grew up as a little kid thinking God hated him. To the point where he thought he was going to go to hell for doing the hokey pokey dance in kindergarten. But I chose to put my faith in the vision God showed me of Dennis.

A month later we got married and 3 months after Dennis opened up to me about everything in his past before me and it was hard to hear.

Somedays I’ll admit I was rude towards him because of it, but I will always remember the vision during Friday night worship one day at church. I saw Jesus take hold of my shoulders, turn me towards Dennis and say, “You’ve been loved all your life. It his turn to be loved”. And I felt like a completey selfish fool.

I turned to Jesus for the strength and Dennis turned too. I’ve never seen someone so in love with Jesus as he became. He read the entire Bible in less than a year simply to get to know God. Being so consumed by Him, he started getting prophetic dreams and visions even more often than I was.

His relationship with God now inspires me more and more every day and I am so proud to be part of it.

We don’t know too much about life. We mess up a lot. We miss-communicate a lot. But we always choose to be humble and admit our mistakes. We always choose to grow and learn together instead of holding onto our pride. We choose to forgive instead of using the pain as a weapon against each other. We choose to look past each other’s flaws because we know we carry our own. We choose. We choose. We choose. We choose. That’s where all the power is in a relationship. You don’t give into your emotions, your pride. You choose to be humble for the sake of peace. Bite your tongue tight, even if you’re right. Bite your tongue until it bleeds if that’s what it takes. For the sake of love. Its difficult, yes, that’s why so few make it. But it’s easy when you come to Jesus. He gives you so much love that you don’t even have room for anything lesser. ✨

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