Born and raised in the golden state, my mother was my best friend. My parents were a young couple that just got married and moved to the U.S as refugees. I was the first born within their first year in the states, then came my siblings. While it was just me, my dad was a truck driver and drove all over the nation for weeks. I followed my mom around everywhere while she painted, drew, and made sculptures. I grew up on Russian folk tales and the Hebrew God with angel armies. I learned about and experienced the spiritual realm since I was a child, always reading Bible stories to help me escape my nightmares. As a kid, all I cared about was being around horses, reading, and designing my own clothes. Loving to learn and wanting so desperately to know God as an all loving being the way King David did, lead me to have my nose in the Bible for years. Searching for answers and hope, I grew up realizing I just can’t phase this feeling of needing to encourage people and sharing with them the overpowering love of God. My purpose is to show people that every day is an escapade. There is joy and miracles in every day because we are so loved the whole earth shows it to us, I’m here to help you search for it like a treasure hunt. I’m here to dedicate my life to showing people how to love themselves now, encourage them to be better today than they were yesterday, and to show them that life was made to live in freedom and constant joy no matter your circumstances.

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