Exporting the presets to Lightroom

Navigate to the Dropbox app and launch it (yes that’s my fine husband 🙂

Make sure your in the “Files” section of the app and select “Sulamita Presets”

Select the Package you want to export into Lightroom

If you click on the preset file, it should say
“This file can’t be previewed”. Don’t panic,
that’s how we want it to look 🙂
( it means it’s a Lightroom Mobile Preset File)
Going back to all the files, select the 3 dots on the bottom of the preset

This part is important to keep your packages organized

Save the name of the package

Save the Preset.

When you are saving the rest of the presets; always double check that it’s saving in the correct folder

Go back to Dropbox and repeat the above steps for every preset you export

(unfortunately Dropbox doesn’t have a quicker way)