Cherry Blossom Package


Feed shown with one click edits (no adjustments) and taken on a phone to show real results

The Cherry Blossom Package

4 Mobile PresetsPlease read instructions here before downloading. There is no need for a computer to download, it is all done straight from your phone!

This pack is colorful but has de-saturated yellows. Created for the person who wants colorful photos but wants to keep a clean look! (Try a free sample here)

  • Desaturated yellows
  • Saturated greens (one preset has saturated greens)
  • Cool tones
  • Brighter and lighter, balances out colorful photos to look more white yet colorful.

Mobile presets are compatible with iPhone 6 or newer and Android 7 or newer.

Disclaimer- every photo you take is different depending on lighting and colors. It is recommended to adjust the settings after applying the desired preset. You will receive a tutorial with your purchase.

Unfortunately all presets are Non-Refundable because they are digital products which means they physically cannot be returned. Single purchaser license only. Unauthorized distribution or reselling of our product as is or modified is prohibited and will be met with legal action.